2014 - Wrestlethon 1

When Jake set out with the idea to combine two of his most passionate things: Video games and helping kids; he never realized the promise an event like Wrestlethon would have.  


In its first year, Wrestlethon took off with a bang. Teaming up with 2k Games and receiving massive support from Twitch.tv, Wrestlethon saw nearly 150,000 views and gained close to 600 followers during the 48-hour event that raised over $1,006.02 for Child's Play Charity.


A huge support from volunteers, friends, and family propelled a great weekend of wrestling video games in support of an outstanding charity.  Jake knew this would be the start of something big.


This also created the legend of the Wrestlethon Meatball sub and the re-birth of the Shane O' Mac dance. Not to mention, Chris getting the hell slapped outta his chest.

2015 - Wrestlethon 2

Wrestlethon returned looking to be bigger and better in 2015 as we held our second event on April 24 to 26 to fundraise for Child's Play Charity.


The support we received during our first year continued in year two and we saw many returning viewers. The base of support spread far and wide as the network of fans willing to spread the word of our event grew more and more.  Fueled by promotion on the front page of Twitch.tv, the Wreslethon crew entertained viewers with another outstanding fundraising event that generated over $1,021 directly to Child's Play Charity.


In addition, thanks to our generous sponsors, we were fortunate to reward some of our viewers with prizes through raffles held throughout the 48-hour live stream.  

2016 - Wrestlethon 3

The 3rd annual Wrestlethon kicked off 2016 with a bang as Wrestlethon.com was launched alongside with the announcement of the 3rd installment of everyone's favorite Wrestling Game Charity Stream.


Wrestlethon.com not only allowed fans a place to find information and the newest updates for the event, it gave the community a launchpad to make Wrestlethon 3 the most successful event in our short history. With the addition of the official Wrestlethon site, fans could now stream the event, participate in interactive polls and donate directly to Child's Play Charity all in one convenient place.


Wrestlethon 3 raised $3,210.00 dollars for Child's Play over the course of the 48 hours and that more than TRIPLED our single-year donation record! Not to be outdone, the community came together to blow the cumulative record out of the water as well by nearly double our all-time donation total in one mind-blowing weekend.

The event received great support from our supporters: WWE2k, JerkyXP, Wrestlecrate, Funko, WCW Worldwide, Game Over Video Games, Wicked Cool Toys, What a Maneuver, and Rob Schamberger. We also received logistics support locally from Freddy's Burgers, Panera Bread, Kolache Factory, Taco Cabana, and Tiff's Treats, helping us get through the event with the energy we needed.

Wrestlethon 3 will always be remembered forever by the infamous Hair v. Hair Match between current WWE NXT Superstar Brennan Williams and WCW Worldwide Founder Bryan Barrera. The match was a 60-minute Ironman match that literally came down to the last second with Bryan going for a pin to tie the falls count with only:02 left. Brennan's dreads survived while Bryan was sporting a new shorter do after the match. 

The things our volunteers will do for the kids.

2017 - Wrestlethon 4

The 4th edition of Wrestlethon was May 19th - 21st, 2017. Another successful event raised $3,350 for Child's Play Charity.


This year's event was highlighted by a 'Loser Leaves Town' match that saw Andrew W fall short to Jake in the final hour of our event. From frustration, Andrew put Jake threw a table on his way out as Wrestlethon went off the air. 


Once again, we received great support from our friends at WWE 2k Games, Funko, and WCW Worldwide. We also gained much-needed support from Cougar Gaming, Hyperkin, DX Racer, Bedrock City Comics, Game Over Video Games, and our headlining supporter, elgato gaming.

2018 - Wrestlethon 5

Records were broken during the 5th edition of Wrestlethon that saw a new format and brand new games. Thanks to very generous viewers, we raised $6,415 for Child's Play Charity during the event, May 18th - 20th, 2018.


This year, we went away from a 48-hour straight marathon but had our most successful year to date. Thanks to some amazing individual donations, Child's Play received its largest donation from Wrestlethon and we finished our fifth year with a bang.

Our twitch channel has now accumulated nearly 700,000 views and over 2,700 followers.


Once again, we received great support from our friends at WWE 2k Games, Funko, and WCW Worldwide. 

2019 - Wrestlethon 6

New logo. New venue. New games. New friends. The 6th annual Wrestlethon did not disappoint. Keeping the new format that saw a lot of success in 2018, our volunteers and viewers raised $3515 for Child's Play during and after the event through offline matches.

Thanks to the support from WWE 2kGames, WCW Worldwide, and Funko and our volunteers for making the event a massive success. 

We saw over 300,000 unique views during the weekend. Thank you, everyone, for your amazing support.

2020 - Wrestlethon Tournament of Champions

We hope you join us once again for future events later this year as we showcase the entire array of wrestling video games, discuss our favorite wrestlers and matches, and put everything on the line for the kids. Of course, we will have more giveaways and hope your generous donations will assist us in doing all we can for Child's Play.

Wrestlethon is a fundraiser run by fans of video games and wrestling. All donations are made directly to the charity. We are not affiliated with any wrestling organization or video game company, but we always appreciate their support All trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Wrestlethon is a volunteer-led fundraiser supporting various children-focused charities and a streaming partner on Twitch. We have partnered with Child's Play Charity for our flagship events, raising over $18,000.