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November 25, 2015

Hey Guys,


Jake here.


I wanted to welcome you to the new Wrestlethon Blog!


We're gonna be posting new and interesting articles, polls and news here on the blog in the next comming months to lead up to WRESTLETHON 3! in April of 2016.


I also wanted to take this opprotunity to intoduce you to our newest member, Robb W.!


Without Further Adu, Take it away Robb.


Thanks Jake!


So I’m going recap Survivor Series, but first I wanted to introduce myself for all of you Wrestlethon Fans out there.


My name is Robb. I have been a wrestling fan for the better part of 14 years. I am married to an amazing lady and I have a wonderful son. I live in the Houston, Tx area. My favorite wrestler of all time is probably CM Punk.


Anyhow, down to the good part. The wrestling.


I’m going to start at the top.


Roman Reigns def. Alberto del Rio to advance to the finals

Can I just state for the record that Mex-America is stupid, but not quite as stupid as del Rio’s middle rope finisher.


The crowd seemed pretty split down the middle on Reigns here in the beginning. I was surprised how that seemed to carry throughout the night. It was a predictable finish but the right one. Near the end, even the audience was believing the near falls.


Ambrose def. Kevin Owens to advance to the finals

I loved the pre-match promo from Owens. They set up tension and it made the falls in this match much more believable and the big spots more impressive, as the ending seemed harder to predict.


Owens and Ambrose put on one hell of a match here though. In a night of what I felt like was predictability, this one stood out as a match that you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the ending.


Team Uso def. Team New Day

Honestly, I didn’t even begin this match with the slightest of a vest interest. Did I miss where they advertised for it, or did they really just figure they would sloppily throw the match on the card and hope we would be ok with that?


When New Day gets a mic I’m not ashamed to admit that I tell everyone around to SHHHHHHHHHH and then crack up hysterically. You may not like that, but I think they are funny and Sheamus and Barrett’s antics and Woods going on about his hair were hilarious.


That being said this match was an absolute mess. It was like they were trying to protect New Day but at the same time make it seem like Sheamus was having a bad night so you just figured he was done for the evening. I really could have gone without the elimination match if this is what they were going to do with it.


Charlotte def. Paige

My network actually stopped working for like 90% of this match. This does not upset me. I did however see the end. I saw Charlotte’s spear (Which, can she stop using that, by the way? It looks bad and she takes away from the validity of the move everytime she uses it.)  in the ring and on the barricade and Paige tapping less than a foot away from the ropes. These ladies tried really hard I just don’t think it was clicking for me, and it didn’t seem like it was for the live crowd either.


Tyler Breeze def. Dolph Ziggler

I enjoy Tyler. I enjoy Dolph. I didn’t enjoy this, which is a shame. I’m honestly starting to think that despite his in-ring work, Dolph will remain mid-card for a good long time. It hasn’t changed yet, why change it now? I also don’t see Breeze’s character being anything more than mid-card. Let’s hope Vince can give them both a good shake up because they are talented performers.


Unrelated side note. . . I loved the theme song they chose.


Undertaker and Kane def Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

I liked that Bray decided to be in the match, but again we see him talk and just not back it up. How do you have a cult leader who talks and never backs it up?? Wouldn’t his followers just stop following him? I was kind of hoping they would use the opportunity to make Bray look more dangerous. . .instead they went with the completely predictable, one-sided match with all of the Undertaker's signature spots in it. Shame.


Sign of the night:

Reigns as champ is booty!!

I can’t lie. . . I laughed quite a bit at this.


Roman Reigns def. Dean Abrose for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP


I like the Reigns/Ambrose dynamic. I wish we had gotten more hype to play up the possibility of a heel turn. Honestly, right here I probably would have turned Reigns. They had more than enough reason and ample opportunity. It would have made sense. I always feel like when Vince is forced to quickly make decisions he never wants to change things up. He stubbornly plows on no matter what his audience tells him. Either way this match was short and should have been treated like so much more. Hopefully this is leading to Reigns building frustration, he would thrive as a heel.


Maybe it was my sound but the crowd seemed pretty quiet when Roman won the title.

Roman just HAD to spear HHH didn’t he?? Instead of leaving the ring, in which case he would still be champ. Check your pride Reigns!


Sheamus cashes in his MITB briefcase to become WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

I don’t really know what to say. This seems more impulsive and scared than anything. Hopefully they treat Sheamus better than they have been recently. He will be ok if they make him the monster heel he was. . . don’t try and make him the chicken heel that Rollins played.




Some good matches, but the predictability and obvious scramble after losing Seth Rollins took away from it for me.


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