Offended but Delighted: That Post-Wrestlemania Feeling

April 6, 2016

I just want to start off with what a fun week it has been! It was my son’s first ever Wrestlemania! Admittedly he is 1 and thus was more interested in the cats at the party, but baby steps. Not to mention the grandest stage of them all gives you that feeling… that hope… that excitement… that belief that this is the one time of year that they listen to their largest fan base to boost their ratings instead of ignoring them to please the children. I can’t lie though, this year’s Mania and following RAW had me scratching my head a few times. This year, it seemed kind of like they missed this memo.


Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely loved the spectacle!! I am a sucker for when they put on a big show, and they did NOT disappoint!! There was so much I loved! I loved that we FINALLY stopped calling them divas (which is an insult in any other context) and they took the rightful title of Women wrestlers. I loved seeing the new comers. I’m not a gigantic Ryder fan, but I LOVED seeing him get his moment (albeit maybe a few years too late). New day was so much fun. Seeing Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold in the ring having a good time drinking 52 ½ beers. The ladder match. Shane being the daredevil that he is. Wrestlemania was packed with fun.


However pressed in between the fun there were some moments that I can’t for the life of me fathom who in the back thought it was a good idea whether we saw it coming or not.


Can I just go out on a limb here that will likely make all of you hate me? Every time I see the rock come around it annoys the crap out of me. There… I said it and I'm not ashamed. I might still be a little bitter that he prematurely ended CM punk’s legendary run as champ oh so many years ago, but the fact of the matter all he does is come around, spout out some catch phrases, bury new talent that is around every week while he is not, make a few bad testicle jokes, and pose for cameras. Now I don’t know if he has lost his infamous humor, if I suffer from not having watched the attitude era (I started watching in 2002), or if history has really just whittled his stuff down to the gems, but I do know this… ball jokes are out. I’m not laughing at your insult sophomoric style of humor. You come across as a bully Rock. I don’t remember the Be a Star commercials saying “Don’t do it. Well, OK, you can do it if the other person is weird or considered a bad guy.” Also please tell me, other than reintroducing John Cena, what was the point of the Wyatt family burial. Like what if the Wyatts had left Rock alone? Was he just not going to show up? The next night did the rock beat the Wyatts up so bad they decided to only attack good guys? I don’t understand!! Too many questions Rock!! How do you do this?? Why??


That set aside let’s move to my second spot of annoyance. This has been talked about by literally every single person who dislikes Roman. I cannot for the life of me fathom why Vince would have Reigns walk into Mania without a plan to combat the fact that everyone knew he would get booed. He was too. Roman was booed quite heartily by the die hard fans. They had him win clean and then… that was that. After 5+ hours of watching all that Wrestlemania had to offer they just left it on that note and to be honest it felt kind of like a letdown. They had nothing in mind to combat the boos.


That being said I think I would have rather them stick to the tactic of imagining it wasn’t happening was far better than the tactic on Monday. I settled in Tuesday ready and excited to watch my favorite RAW of the year usually and literally 15 seconds in was so turned off by it that I had to turn it off for an hour or so. I am not a person who gets insulted often, even when I probably should be, but last night watching as the announce team tried to explain away the boos that their new champ was sure to be getting I couldn’t help but feel belittled. Listening to the announce team call the fans a “nontraditional audience” who will “boo the guys they will normally cheer and cheer the guys they will normally boo.” Now don’t get me wrong I agree the night after Wrestlemania crowd is always different but to essentially pretend they are the kids who sit in the corner and eat paste so that way the people at home won’t see how much the WWE universe hates Roman Reigns is ridiculous. I’m not saying that the story with him cannot be fixed, but to be honest, that’s a post for a different time. Right now I'm talking about opening a show with an insult to your most dedicated fans who always make a show fun and then reassuring throughout the night “Don’t worry people at home. These guys are weird.” It just really felt like a slap in the face of being a 14 year fan and kind of just felt like another instance of Vince establishing that he doesn’t care what you think and he will do whatever he wants with whomever he wants.


Now my wife has read my posts and asked me, “Why do you even watch it anymore when clearly do you love it?” So to attempt to show that I really am happy over all with wrestling and despite the issues I see it is STILL worth watching to me here are some things I loved Monday.


Monday night I adored all of the new debuts that we got to see. Some serious talents are moving up.


 AJ Styles getting an opportunity to be in the main event and run for the title should be fun. Since Styles is a face we might even see Reigns develop a bit of an edge if not an outright heel turn.


Baron Corbin’s end of days looks beastly. Like absolutely monstrous. That goes double when done on the floor.


What a return for Cesaro. Shame he had to lose but he looked great!


I actually liked Reigns’ promo. He didn’t beg for approval but he also didn’t ignore the boos. I loved the line “Ahhh come on. I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a good guy. I'm the guy.” It was a nice twist on his normal promos that didn’t make him seem like Cena Jr. and it let him be himself. If they continue with that I think he has a much better chance of catching on.


I liked the IC turnover. I might be the only one but I love Miz and I loved Maryse and I think the two of them can put on a good show.

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