Volunteer Information

Volunteer shifts - For the times you volunteered for, please make sure you are able to be here for that entire duration. If you are not able to meet your commitment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure we are covered in all positions. Every volunteer is important to making this event a success and we couldn't do this without any of you.



  • Please bring any additional controllers for systems.




Food schedule 

Friday- Pizza from Italianos. Snacks will be available as well.


Saturday - Breakfast will arrive at approx. 10:30 AM. Supplied by Panera Bread. Two bakers dozen bagels.
Lunch is courtesy of Chick-fil-a. It will include nuggets, sandwiches, a fruit tray, lemonade and tea.

Mindy's famous Meatball Sandwiches will be available in the evening.


Sunday- Breakfast is leftovers from the past day+ as we need to clean out as much as possible. Also, we may have additional food for breakfast (Pending)Vouchers for Firehouse Subs are available for a free sandwich with purchase of chips/drink.



Six things you need to know:


1. Take care of yourself and others. Make sure you stay hydrated and have enough to eat. If you feel tired or need to take a break, let someone know and make sure there is someone to take your spot.



2. Wrestlethon can be viewed on this website, at twitch.tv/wrestlethon or at Tiltify.com/events/wrestlethon. We will have copies of the schedule on hand to use as well as the game systems set up. Based on the schedule, we will be switching approximately every two hours. This could increase based on donations.


3. If you are at the event and are not doing anything, please ask someone what can be done? There is always something that can be done. Wrestlethon has had more marketing on it than ever and we are estimating 150,000 views this year, close to the first three years combined.  We need to be on point and organized.


4. If you will be playing a game for an extended period of time, please make sure you have an understanding of how the game is played so it does not become boring for viewers. If you are a game playing volunteer, please be conversational while on camera. Discuss wrestling, the game being played, what is being said in the chat, or the event in general.


5. If you don't know, ask. If we forgot something here, please let us know and we'll happy to fill you in on it. Also, if you have any ideas or want to contribute anything, please do.  We are a great team and want to make this event the best it can be.


6. Remember we are all here for the kids. This is a fundraiser for Child's Play Charity and we want you all to have fun while here. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can. Thank you all for your participation and supporting us.

Event roles


Game Playing Volunteers: The Primary responsibility of this position is to be engaging and entertaining while on camera, playing games with other volunteers and community members. These volunteers may be asked to assist in other aspects of the production (i.e. taking a video on a phone for use on vine or instagram, keeping an eye on twitch chat in a moderator like capacity, assisting with construction /deconstruction of the production set).


Host: Volunteers interested in hosting will be required to engage with the Game Playing Volunteers to keep conversations going as well as entertaining bits that may occur during the event. They will also be responsible for reading updates to the donation tracker as well as making sure notes left by donors get read on broadcast to stress the importance over every donation.


Social Media Manager: This position's main responsibility is to be engaging on social media, with the focus on Twitter. Other sites of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are important, but not the focus. Advertise the event on these mediums and work with the Social Media Assistant and volunteers to create engaging content to try and drive more donations for Child’s Play throughout the event.


Social Media Assistant: Volunteers who are interested in assisting with the production and posting of social media content to the Wrestlethon website, twitter and Facebook pages.  They will answer questions and comments from the community on the previous mentioned sites on both the stream and corresponding social media sites in a timely manner. They will work with the Social Media Manager and volunteers to create engaging content to try and drive more donations for Child’s Play throughout the event.


Technical Director: This position is responsible for the integrity of the stream. Duties include:

- Operating Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). This entails all parts from checking and adjusting audio levels, video quality and settings, and directing back and forth among overlay scenes. This position is also responsible for updating those overlays. The overlay will need to be updated when donations occur or when special donation segments begin/conclude.

This position will also take on the responsibilities of the Web Coordinator when one is not present.


Event/Web Coordinator: This position has four main responsibilities. (1) Most importantly, this position is the timekeeper for the event, notifying the game playing volunteers when it is time to change to the next game/system. (2) Responsible for tracking donations on the Child's Play Charity website on the Google Sheet and publishing on website. (3) Responsible for updating website on an as-needed basis (raffles, info, games, etc.). (4) Responsible for conducting the raffles when they are set to occur, using the Google Sheet /Random number generator to choose a winner, contacting the winner and keeping track of items raffled and winners.

Thank you for volunteering for Wrestlethon. We are happy you have taken time out of your weekend to help us raise money for Child's Play Charity. This page is meant to help you become familiar with the event before it begins. Please reach out with questions on Twitter or wrestlethon@gmail.com. -Andrew M

Directions to Wrestlethon House


18314 Hampton Hills Drive, Humble, TX 77338

From I-69 south, 

Exit toward Bush Intercont'l Airport/Will Clayton Pkwy.

Turn right on to Will Clayton Pkwy.

Continue for approx. 4 miles.

Turn Left on to Hampton Hills Drive

  • Neighborhood Name = Estates of Tour 18

  • Turn left to continue on Hampton Hills Dr.

  • House is one of the last ones on the right.

  • Park along the street across from the house and down the street.  See image above.


Want to support? Contact us


We are a fundraiser produced and broadcast on Twitch.tv. Wrestlethon is a group of friends who love to play wrestling video games and help fundraise money for charity. 100% of the money we raise will benefit Child's Play. A game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their worldwide hospital network.

Wrestlethon is a fundraiser run completely by fans of video games and wrestling. All donations are made directly to Child's Play Charity. We are not directly affiliated with any wrestling organization or any video game company., but we would always appreciate their support All trademarks are property of their respective owners.